Surprising Dangers after a House Fire

After a house fire occurs, the damage of smoke is commonly extremely apparent: mixed melted things, discolored walls, and crispy-charred furniture. Also, it could give off an odor that has dangerous side effects. Other smoke damage’s indicators happen instantly while others become visible a couple of days after the fire. It is essential to determine exactly where and how fire damage could affect your property before you start cleaning it up since there could be parts of your home that still have smoke damage that cannot be seen:


A professional fire restoration company could help you to determine the smoking damage impacts after a fire, which could be seen on surfaces, ceilings, and walls that could look like discoloration and stains. Within a couple of days, flooring and walls might start to change into yellow. Plastic appliances and surfaces become warped and discolored. Many hours after the fire, your metal hardware could display indications of corrosion and rust.

System Damage

Though fire damage can be seen on ceilings and walls, the residue of the smoke could get stuck within your ventilation system. As a fire occurs, smoke could infiltrate walls and passes through your ventilation ducts, where it usually gets stuck. If this is not eliminated properly, the smoke odor could take place again over time, particularly during humid or warm weather and when you restart your HVAC system. These soot particles that appear to be loose could even result in the risk of having respiratory issues for those who have delicate conditions.

Once the wiring is exposed to fire damage, it commonly indicates that your electrical system has been bargained. Any of the following electrical components could be damaged based on the fire’s source: breaker boxes, fuses, outlets, cords, and wiring. Appliances that are impacted due to the fire damage could display indications of complete fail, malfunction, experience short circuit, and corrosion.

Smells and odors

The damage cannot only be seen, in fact, you can also notice the damage through our sense of smell. Smoke yields small carbon particles in the air, which is known as soot. A lot of factors contribute to the smell that remains after the damage has been done due to fire. These include carbon monoxide, vapors, particles, hydrogen cyanide, and phosgene.

Usually, the source of odor could be challenging to determine since it could get infiltrated in the wood’s pores or become stuck in upholstered furniture. In order to save these things, you should immediately contact a professional restoring company for assistance. A lot of household disinfectants and sprays offer an only temporary solutions. In fact, some sprays could possibly merge with the odors of smoke and make a more hazardous odor.

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